China best China High Quality Special Custom Mechanical Gear Ring with Hot selling

Merchandise Description

We are skilled gear ring factory from china

1. Drawing: We can translate your first drawing Make manufacturing process, supply greatest ideas on the layout.
2. Good quality: We have entire established top quality control method to promise ideal solution quality. Is dependent on the goods, we make diverse Product Testing Program, different Production process and many others. And we efficiency licensed Lab Mechanical testing, functionality UT/MT/PT and so forth.
Stories we provided for the goods:
one) Chemical Composition Report
two) Mechanical Homes Report
3) Dimension Test Report
4) NDT Report
3. Inspection: We have expert inspectors. All these inspectors are qualified.
4. Provider and Item:
Sand Casting-Molding Casting- Investment decision-Die Casting
Forging Hammer -Strain-Scorching/Cold forming-Dropped forging
Machining Lathe, Uninteresting, Vertical, Horizontal, Milling, Saw and so on.

Material: Alloy steel Casting steel Gray forged iron Ductile Iron Weldment
20CrMnTi 20CrMnTi HT200 QT400-eighteen 20CrMnTi
20CrMnMo 20CrMnMo HT250 QT400-15 20CrMnMo
20 CrMo twenty CrMo     twenty CrMo
35CrMo 35CrMo 35CrMo
42CrMo 42CrMo 42CrMo
42CrMo 42CrMo 42CrMo
20Cr2Ni4A 20Cr2Ni4A 20Cr2Ni4A
20CrNiMo 20CrNiMo 20CrNiMo
20CrNi2Mo    20CrNi2Mo   20CrNi2Mo
40CrNiMo    40CrNiMo    40CrNiMo
18CrNiMo7-six 18CrNiMo7-six   18CrNiMo7-six
17CrNiMo6    17CrNiMo6    17CrNiMo6
34 CrNiMo6    34 CrNiMo6    34 CrNiMo6
18Cr2Ni4WA 18Cr2Ni4WA   18Cr2Ni4WA
18Cr2Ni4WE   18Cr2Ni4WE   18Cr2Ni4WE
forty five C    forty five C    45 C
40Cr    40Cr    40Cr
38CrMoAl    38CrMoAl    38CrMoAl
16Mn    16Mn    16Mn
16MnCr5    16MnCr5    16MnCr5
GCr15    GCr15    GCr15
Module 1mm-50mm
Precision DIN Class 4, ISO/GB Class 4, AGMA Course 13, JIS Course
Warmth therapy Quenching and tempering, gear teeth induction quenching,nitriding,carburization
Software Wind turbine, locomotive, feeding machinery, metallurgy equipment, mining equipment
Equipment shaft duration 2500mm max.
Fat 15 tons max.

Security PROVISIONS: Worm drives should not be utilized as a locking system to secure hefty objects, which may possibly result in injuries or harm during reverse action. In non-potentially harmful purposes, self-locking is needed to avert reverse rotation, and then a low-pitch single-threaded worm is employed to routinely lock the worm gear to stop reverse rotation.
Worm gears are correct angle drives that give large equipment ratios with fairly quick middle-to-middle distances from 1/4″ to eleven”. When correctly set up and lubricated, they serve as the quietest, smoothest-working equipment type. Since worm gear drives can accomplish substantial gear ratios, greatest reduction can be reached in a smaller space than many other varieties of equipment drives. The worm and worm gear run at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.

China best China High Quality Special Custom Mechanical Gear Ring     with Hot selling