China wholesaler G series PTO Shaft Spline Tube G2 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G38 G42 G50 near me manufacturer

G series PTO Shaft Spline Tube G2 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G38 G42 G50


540 tr./min 1000 tr./min MP(NM)
Kw Pk Nm Kw Pk Nm
G2 15 21 270 23 31 220 450
G4 26 35 460 40 55 380 780
G5 35 47 620 54 74 520 1050
G6 47 64 830 74 100 710 1450
G7 55 75 970 87 118 830 1800
G8 70 95 1240 110 150 1050 2250
G38 78 105 1380 123 166 1175 2500
G42 79 107 1400 122 166 1175 2500
G50 119 162 2095 182 248 1740 3700

Reliable Tractor PTO Shaft Assemblies and Replacement Parts

At ever-power, we have the parts and components you need to keep your PTO driveline in excellent condition. We also have complete new assemblies in multiple sizes to fit your applications. Our inventory is massive and includes:

Tractor PTO shafts: If you’re looking for a full assembly, we have you covered. We carry a large selection of North American-designed and Italian-designed tractor PTO shafts with the length and spline configurations you need.
CV PTO assemblies: CV (Constant Velocity) PTO shafts work with most tractors and implements. These products balance the tractor power input and shaft output to deliver more stability when engaged.
Cross and bearing kits: Cross and bearing kits are the universal joints that form your PTO drive shaft system’s core. This part is the distribution point for power from your PTO assembly to your connected equipment.
Half-shaft assemblies: We have a wide variety of 48-inch and 60-inch Weasler half-shaft Power Take-Off assemblies. Center and end-of-shaft length assemblies are available in both square and rectangular design options.
Additional components: If your tractor PTO shaft parts start to show signs of wear, save money on a new assembly with individual component replacement. We have tons of new guards and guard bearings, inner and outer tubes, yokes, pins, and universal clutches.

Series Cross Joint simple Splined yoke Tube yoke Tube
Outer Inner Outer Inner Outer Inner
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
G2 2.01
2.0505B+2.01+2.06G 2.0505B+2.01+2.07G 2.0505B 2.06G 2.07G 50*2.5 G35-18
G4 4.01
4.0505B+4.01+4.06G 4.0505B+4.01+4.07G 3.0505B 4.06G 4.07G 50*2.5 G35-18
G5 5.01
5.0505B+5.01+5.06G 5.0505B+5.01+5.07G 5.0505B 5.06G 5.07G 60*3 G40-14
G6 6.01
6.0505B+6.01+6.06G 6.0505B+6.01+6.07G 6.0505B 6.06G 6.07G
G7 7.01
7.0505B+7.01+7.06G 7.0505B+7.01+7.07G 7.0505B 7.06G 7.07G
G8 8.01
8.0505B+8.01+8.06G 8.0505B+8.01+8.07G 8.0505B 8.06G 8.07G 65*3.5 G45-16
G38 38.01
38.0505B+38.01+38.06G 38.0505B+38.01+38.07G 38.0505B 38.06G 38.07G
G42 2600
42.0505B+42.01+42.06G 42.0505B+42.01+42.07G 42.0505B 42.06G 42.07G 75*4 G55-20
G50 50.01
50.0505B+50.01+50.06G 50.0505B+50.01+50.07G 50.0505B 50.06G 50.07G

Spline tube

How to Cut Your PTO Shaft to the Right Size

You can cut your PTO shaft to prevent it from bottoming out so the tractor and gearbox are not in conflict. Follow these 5 steps to complete this process.

1. Find Your Part Number
The first step in cutting your PTO shaft to adjust the size is understanding the part number the specifications provided. Look at the label on the shaft to find yours. An example of a part number is 14006127.

In this example, 1,400 is the designation of a complete shaft. The 6 means that it is a Bondy LD shaft. The 1 refers to the series number, and 27 is the measurement in inches from 1 tip of the shaft to the other.

2. Attach Parts of Your Shaft to Your Tractor and Gear Box
To measure your shaft for cutting, take it apart, hook 1 tube and shield onto the tractor and attach the other to the gearbox. Make sure both parts are straight so you can get the most accurate measurements.

3. Measure the Distance Between Parts
Next, measure the shortest distance between the tractor and the gearbox. Be sure to measure in a straight line for an accurate reading. This measurement is the maximum compressed length of an operable PTO shaft for your tractor.

4. Determine How Much You Need to Cut
Use the optimal length of the PTO shaft obtained in step 3 to figure out how much you need to cut off your shaft so it can function effectively. Take the measurement given in the last digits of your part number and subtract from it the maximum length allowed. This calculation will give you the amount you need to cut to get your shaft to an operational fit for your tractor.

For example, if the maximum compressed length of the shaft for your tractor is 23 inches and you have a 27-inch shaft, you would need to remove 4 inches for it to function properly.

5. Cut Shafts and Shields to Correct Length
The final step is to cut your shaft to the right length. Leave the shaft apart so you have access to the outer shields and inner tubes. You can use either a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw to cut the material.

If you have 2 equal-length tubes in your shaft, you will need to cut both tubes and both shields to the appropriate length. If you have unequal tubes, you can shorten only the longer part and the shields. Once you put your shaft back together, it should be the correct, shortened length all around.

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox

Agricultural equipment such as tractors, combines, and harvesters use PTO shafts. These components are subjected to high loads and stress, and it is vital to find out why they failed in the first place. Constant compression of the shaft can damage connecting shafts and even the tractor and implement. A PTO shaft for an agricultural gearbox is an integral part of an agricultural implement or tractor. And PTO shaft for the agricultural gearbox is secured with a safety shield at both ends and can be found on implements and tractors. A PTO shaft can be welded to the drive end by using a universal joint, while the rear shaft can be welded directly to the tractor.